Physician Careers In The Army

If you are a medical student, and wish to serve your country there are opportunities for a career with the United States Army. You can serve as a physician in the Army, and receive state of the art continuing training, as well as being a part of the support for our country. As an Army Physician, some of the duties you may have include: -Direct Ward and outpatient Services. -Formulate procedures and plans for patient direct care. -Provided direct and extended care to Army personnel and dependents. -Assists patient surgery and extended care in Army Care facilities. -Instructs and assists in training medical technicians and field medics. -Assigns schedules and directs medical activities in a variety of settings. You can enter into and serve in the Army as a doctor in a variety of different ways. You can -Sign up for Army service while going to school, graduate and become a commissioned medical officer. -Apply for a direct commission if you are already a licensed civilian doctor. -Apply for one of the U.S. Army medical enlistment training programs. To enter into a Doctor medical career in the Army you have to have a doctor’s degree in medicine, or be a doctor of osteopathy, or other specialty. Sometimes you must have a graduate one-year program degree in advanced medical studies to qualify, depending on the specialty and the needs of the Army. Army Doctors works with patients and other medical personnel in Army Facilities. They work with patients to develop case histories, obtain data and information through patient interviews, and evaluate wounded and sick personnel. Some of the other assignments that Army Doctors are responsible for include: -Conduct ward rounds and prescribe therapy. -Interpret tests and exams, and give drugs, treatment and responsive therapy. -Manage case histories and provide medical care. Doctors in the Army can be stationed literally anywhere that the Army serves around the world. As you rise in rank you will be assigned additional responsibility including supervising other doctors, and managing departments. Doctors can be assigned as advisors to commanders in battlefield situations, as well as headquarters units. Senior Medical personnel help coordinate patient care and health service for military command facilities. As a Senior Command Doctor you will participate in a variety of professional societies and organizations. You can be called upon to advise commanders on issues of Army Personnel welfare and health.




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