US Military Supports Desire to Retrieve Solar Energy from Space

The United States government, in an attempt to conserve energy, and rely on natural resources, is pressing to retrieve solar energy from an unusual provider, space.

The overall goal is to send satellites into space, and have these satellites send the energy back into the Earth’s atmosphere, where it will affect trillions of people all around the world. The US Military, in conjunction with the United States government, supports the desire to have these said satellites sent into space.

With the rapid succession of the Earth’s energy being used, there are alternate methods that need to be derived in order to keep the Earth’s energy sources conserved. For most, it makes common sense to use solar panel satellites to retrieve the energy from the energy that is exerted from the sun. Not only is this form of energy free, but it is also environmentally safe.

Here on Earth, there would be transmitters that would convert the satellite’s energy into electricity that can be used. With the support of the Pentagon and the US Military, scientists and government officials are hoping that these plans for alternate energy will be put into action in the very near future.

For those that know that this is a beneficial move, they are pushing hard to have the action set into place, and find the support that is needed as this is more detoured from an economical standpoint. The US Military supports this move, as the energy that will be derived from the solar panels will be beneficial for the troops that are deployed overseas as well.




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