Navy Advanced Education Vouchers

The Navy is committed to supporting their enlisted sailors in their efforts to continue their education. Their commitment has taken tangible shape over the last few years, in a variety of programs designed to give ongoing encouragement and support to sailors who wish to continue their education during their Active Duty military careers. The Educational Voucher program that the Navy administers pays for advanced type degrees for senior enlisted Navy personnel. Navy Personnel in pay grades E-7 through E-9 who want to obtain a bachelors or master’s degree can be qualified for this program. The courses that are taken under this program are required to be consider to be “Navy Relevant” in order to qualify. This is an attractive program for senior enlisted personnel to participate in. It is designed to help senior enlisted Servicemembers to help plan a course of action for the latter years in service during an individual career, and to help with the transition from military service to a civilian career field. Enabling a Servicemember to obtain a college degree is part of the support toward this goal. Senior enlisted personnel who apply for the Navy Advanced Voucher should be individuals with excellent to superior ratings and marks for conduct. Candidates should be those who are still eligible and likely to be promoted upward during the rest of their enlisted careers, and those who are serious about meeting their education goals. This is an attractive and lucrative program, one that covers 100 percent of fees, books, and tuition for courses covered by this program. There is a yearly limit of $6,700 dollars yearly for a maximum of three years in benefits that are available under this program. Program participants and applicants should be either on shore duty or about to transfer to shore duty, with an anticipated duty period sufficient to complete their degree program. Applicants currently on sea duty may obtain the permission of their commanding officer to become eligible. Such permission would indicate the pending intent of the Navy to transfer the personnel to shore duty for this program. This program is designed to supplement not replace other sources of Navy education support. Senior Enlisted members who are receiving Navy TA funds, or GI bill Active duty funds are completely eligible and encouraged to apply for this program. When qualified for this program, an applicant cannot receive both Navy Education Voucher funding and any duplicate funds, such as portions of the TA funding program. But in areas where there is no duplication, then it is to the advantage of the applicant to be enrolled in both programs.




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