US and Philippine Militaries Exercise Together

In a recent attempt to incorporate the US and Philippine militaries, both of the militaries have decided to get their troops to exercise together.

This new strategy is a different move for some, while for others it was seen as a move that was needed in order to modify the current exercise regimen, and bring both of the troops together. Since the US and Philippine militaries will be operating with one another, many have found it necessary to make sure that both militaries can come together and operate as one fighting force.

Although a physical exercise regimen is also important to those that are serving in both militaries, the US and Philippine militaries are testing out tactical moves, including those that are on the ground, in the air, as well as those naval forces that are in the seas. Both armies feel as though this is best for when there are actual tactics that are needed, as these maneuvers are not only being used in the Iraqi fields, but over the Philippine islands as well.

Both of these defending troops are working side by side to create the most comprehensible military teams and tactics capable. The most recent results seem to have paid off, as both military sides have quickly learned the tactics of one another’s militaries. With the impeding need for additional troops and allies, the US military is quickly working with the Philippine military to ensure that all troops can combat effectively.




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