Army Cargo Enlisted Specialist

The Army are the masters of cargo and personnel transfer, and the Army Cargo Specialist is one of the people trained to make it happen. The Army needs equipment, mail, weapons, supplies and personnel delivered every day, at sites all over the world. This cargo makes it ways by air, sea, and land, and it has to be handled carefully, depending on what it is. Making sure that it arrives safely is the responsibility and duty of the Army Cargo Specialist. The Cargo Specialist is the person that supervises and works to unload materials and supplies, sometimes using equipment such as cranes, forklifts, as well as working to manage and organize all the different route and schedules. The Army Cargo Specialist is responsible for supervising and transferring cargo and passengers, both by mechanical and manual methods. Some of your duties as a Cargo Specialist may include: -Inspecting various cargos for Damage. -Loading equipment like trucks, jeeps and weapons aboard Watercraft using dock cranes. -Unloading and loading supplies and equipment from all types of aircraft. -Crating and packing material for shipment. -Tallying and documenting cargo using various automated and manual equipment. -Unloading and loading aircraft, motor vehicles, watercraft and other equipment. -Inspecting and planning loads for maximum safety and balance. -Using invoices to inventory and check destination and shipping cargo. Get your free career info here After nine weeks of basic training an Army Cargo Specialist will go to Individual Advanced Training where you will work on job specific tasks and training duties. You will spend time learning hands on during on the job training in the field, as well as classroom training covering the basics of cargo shipping and receiving. Some of the things you will learn will include: -Safety techniques and procedures for dangerous and hazardous cargo. -Procedures for storing and loading various cargos. -Care and operation of loading equipment, cranes, power winches, forklifts and other devices. -Scheduling and planning procedures and techniques for cargo scheduling and shipment. There are on the job apprenticeship programs offering civilian job credit that are available for some areas of this job certification. As you rise in rank you will be responsible for training and supervision of junior enlisted personnel working in this job area. If you are good with your hands, and enjoy working with equipment, and have an interest in cranes and forklifts, then perhaps this is a job area for you.




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