Coast Guard Enlisted Instructor Jobs

So you enjoy being around people, and have a knack for assisting people to learn new things? You think you may enjoy being an instructor or teacher, and that you might like to be an instructor in the military? Well then being an instructor or teacher in the Coast Guard may be the job for you. Having trained personnel is a vital link for each of the Armed Services, and the Coast Guard is not any different in that regard. With the state of the art equipment, the vessels and machinery, and the different personnel in today’s modern Coast Guard, the need for instructors and teachers is very high. Sometimes the instructors that teach in the Coast Guard are masters at their rate, they have become expert at their particular field and are selected to then take that expertise and teach others. At other times a person can be unexpectedly drafted to fill in, and find out that they take to teaching very well. No matter the route you take, becoming an instructor in the United States Coast Guard can be very rewarding, and a enlisted job that delivers a great deal of satisfaction. Becoming an instructor in the Coast Guard requires that you identify where you want to teach. There is not a rating for instructor, every person that is a teacher or instructor has another rating, but performs as a teacher as an enlisted job. You could choose to work at a Class A school, teaching the basics of a particular rate. Examples would be at Yeoman School in Petaluma, California, or Boatswains Mate Class A school, located in Yorktown Virginia. No matter the location, you can become an instructor at any of the facilities in the Coast Guard that is designed to train sailors and airmen. As a potential enlisted instructor, you may be able to start by finding someone in your unit that has to give an address, or presentation, and work to help them craft their experiences into a format that is easily understood. Teaching another person to share what they know is basic instruction 101, if you are successful on a 1 on 1 basis, then you may be able to translate that into a classroom setting. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Helping Coast Guard airmen and sailors learn, and receive training successfully is the mark of a Coast Guard Instructor. Learning to effectively teach others using hands on training, group discussions, lecture, and running question and answer sessions are all methods that you can implement in teaching others.




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