Enlisted Military Rock Quarry Positions

Working in the Army in a rock quarry may seem like a funny job on the surface, but it actually is a very important job in the Army. Construction occurs every single day of the year in the Army, they are always building or constructing something, and working in an Army Quarry Specialist job is one that has a lot of variety in it. Despite being a Quarry specialist, you may wind up being detailed to work on any number of construction type projects dealing with rock or aggregate quarry materials. As an Army Quarry specialist you will be trained on using General Construction equipment. Roads, Dams, Airfields, and various types of buildings all use quarry type materials, and as a Quarry specialist you will be trained and become expert in many types of construction. Working as a Quarrying specialist and heavy equipment operator you will be responsible for operating various types of equipment, such as loaders, skidders, caterpillar tractors, diesel rock crushers, and large quarry vehicles. You will learn and be able to operate special purpose equipment such as air compressors, drills, scrapers, and other large grading equipment. The equipment that will be your daily tools will be involved in various pumping, digging, ditching, auguring and compaction type duties. Some of the overall duties you will have as an Army Quarrying Specialist will include: -Assisting in operating rotary sweepers and tillers. -Using and operating pneumatic and air compressed tools. -Using SEE equipment and attachments. -Loading, backfilling, digging and performing various equipment evolutions. -Using self propelled compaction rollers during construction operations. -Operating earth augers and large wheeled trucks. -Utilizing a water distributor during dust control and compaction evolutions. -Performing and assisting in Combat Engineer duties. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! After the requisite nine weeks of Basic Combat Training and basic training, you will advance to a seven-week individual advanced school. You will be instructed on basic construction equipment and construction equipment principals. Part of your time will be in the classroom and part of the time will be in the field learning hands on various concepts and skills. You will learn general principals of construction, construction principals, and the repair and operation of various types of construction equipment. There are also a number of engineer certified apprenticeship programs, which you may qualify for working in this job area. These allow you to gain valuable civilian credit while working at your military job.




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