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If you are serving on Active Duty there are several different ways you can earn college credit. There are distance learning and correspondence opportunities, seminars, and credit for different military training. But one method of college credit that is under utilized and not known about by many Servicemembers is credit by Exam. Credit by exam is very simple, you arrange to take a test, and then based on the pass/fail of the exam you will either have credit awarded to you or not. Many people have the education or experience to be able to pass some of the tests that are available, but because it is not a well-known program or they are unaware that such programs exist then they do not take advantage of credit by exam opportunities. The best part is, that any costs that are normally charged for Credit by exam programs are often picked up by the military. So you are able to take tests, have the military pay for the test fees, and then any exams that you earn a passing score on will earn you college credit toward your educational goals. College examination programs, or CLEP testing, are tests that are available for any personnel in the military who wishes to take them. It is an excellent way to capitalize upon your experience and knowledge, and to receive and earn college credit on the basis of your successfully passing the test. The tests are often administered by DANTES, or the Defense Activity for Non Traditional Education group. They support and are one of the principal sponsors for the tests, and help arrange a time and place for military Servicemembers to take them. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Who is eligible to take military sponsored CLEP tests? -DoD Personnel who receive approval from their supervisor. -All Military personnel, Active Duty or Reserve, from any of the 5 branches of Service. -DoD civilian employees who are also spouses of Servicemembers in the Reserve or Active duty. Taking CLEP tests are simple. You simply arrange with your command or base education office for the time and date of the examination. On the day of the exam, you have to bring with you a primary picture ID (your Military ID card or State issued drivers license) and a second form of ID with you to the testing center or test location. Original Birth Certificates, passports, and other types of ID are suitable for secondary ID purposes. That’s it. You then take the test, and if you pass then you are awarded the accompanying college credit for that exam.




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