Your Navy Telecommunications Career is waiting

Do you enjoy the finer workings of the telecommunications industry? Are you interested in managing and installing computer networks throughout the world? How about serving as a technical advisor at home and in foreign countries?

Communication tools are a big part of life for most people. This is definitely true in the United States Navy. For this reason, telecommunications careers are becoming more and more popular.

Telecommunications Job Description

When you work as a Navy Telecommunications Network Engineer, you will have many responsibilities such as managing navigation devices, setting up phone and consumer systems, and decoding machinery.


As somebody with an interest in computer science, you will always get your fill of technology when you join this career field. From installing and repairing equipment to establishing new systems for the Navy, you will always be on the go.

Where will I work?

As a Navy Telecommunications Network Engineer, you never know where you are going to setup shop. There are more than 4,000 aircrafts and 300 ships that may need your services. Along with this, you will be serving Navy bases all over the world that are home to nearly 400,000 sailors.

Your next job could be on a ship, at home on a base, or overseas. Regardless of where you are stationed, one thing never changes: you will be working with some of the most sophisticated and advanced equipment in the world.


Are you interested in becoming a Navy Telecommunications Network Engineer? If so, you need to receive the proper education. For the most part, your training will start with credits received from an accredited college.

If you need more advice on education and the Navy, click here to request free information.

There are many IT schools all over the country. No matter if you are ready to join the Navy now or just want to get on the right path, obtaining a degree in a related field – online or in the classroom – is a good start.

Although a four year degree is not required to become part of the telecommunication team, it will definitely put you on the right track.

From the Navy to Civilian Life

Once your time in the Navy comes to an end, you may want to take your skills as a Navy Telecommunications Network Engineer and put them to good use in the civilian sector. Doing so is easier than ever before.

Your training and education will prepare you for many careers including but not limited to: computer programmer, electrician, central office repair supervisor, and computer technician.

Note: employers love to hire people who served in the Navy. This shows that you are dedicated to your work and that you received some of the best training that the world has to offer.

If you enjoy technology and want to put your knowledge and experience to good use, think about joining the Navy telecommunications team. This will put you in position to work in a field that you love, while serving. From there, you can take your skills and make an impact as a civilian employee.




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