Air Force Enlisted Education Programs

The Air Force is committed to providing continuing education opportunities for its Airmen. They are vested in making sure that there are education programs available to continue education both in the college and university realm, but also educations that is focused on assisting in job performance, and the Air Force mission readiness and force preparedness. The Air Force does this in several ways. One of the ways they support education is by their very own Air Force University.

Air Force University provides a full spread of educational opportunities, from pre commissioning tracks, to the most advanced and technological schools and College level coursework. The University grants professional and educational degrees, and offers classes for enlisted, civilian and officer personnel, and coursework for the different stages of a person’s life and career. Specialized Professional Education- These are specific programs designed to provide management, technical and other types of expertise to help meet the needs of the Air Force in general. The University sponsors various continued research into leadership, management, education, and air and space power issues. As part of the SPE education system the Air Force University sponsors professional development, and student leadership and citizenship programs.

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Air Force University referred to commonly as Air University was established in 1946, and operates on three main Installations. Wright Patterson AFB, Maxwell AFB, and the annex, Maxwell Gunter Annex. College Of Enlisted Professional Education- This is the program responsible for much of the non commissioned officer training in the Air Force today. This includes Senior Airman Leadership, and Non Commissioned Officer Academy.

Squadron Officer School- This is a set of Air Force Courses designed to teach air and space doctrine, military leadership, international issues and world security affairs, and various communications skills. Students are exposed to new things, and then are challenged to take what they have learned with them when they leave. Staff and Air Command College- This is a series of courses that while taught mainly to officers, (majors and major selects) it is also taught to selected civilians, and international officers and certain U.S. enlisted personnel. This coursework is geared toward teaching leadership and responsibility in joint space and air operations, and supports joint efforts and goals. This coursework is directed toward molding tomorrow’s leaders and commanders.




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Can you tell me if an enlisted Air Force candidate can request a “specific job” other than the hard to fill jobs?

The Job Counsellor was very unhelpful in this situation at Fort Dix. My son is not sure what to think and doesn’t know if jobs are assigned at boot camp or he has a specific choice.

military dot image arin    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

it all depends on several factors.
First, your son’s performance on tasks, such as the ASVAB, will determine his spot in “line” to request certain occupational specialties. If he has high scores, then he is more likely to get the assignment he requests. However, the Air Force also takes into account its needs when making assignments, so nothing is guaranteed.

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Is it possible to join the US Army or the Air Force if your not an American citizen?

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