Navy Legalman Enlisted Careers

Working in a legal office or a JAG Navy office is a rewarding and interesting administrative job. A Navy Legal specialist or legalman works with Commissioned JAG officers, and other legal staff working in issues of law and legal affairs. A legalman keeps track of records, works to file and monitor official publications, and deals with office protocol and managing office functions. A Navy Legal Specialist works with reports and official correspondence, and work independently often with little or no supervision. They may be called upon to assist anyone in the Navy, from a seaman recruit to an Admiral, and they use their training and skills to help countless numbers of sailors in the fleet. Some of the required duties of a Navy Legal man may include: -Processing Appeals and legal cases. -Maintaining Official publications and record keeping. -Functioning as Office Managers. -Assisting Sailors and their families in various legal matters. -Helping and providing direct assistance to JAG officers in Navy criminal cases. -Act as support staff in clerical and administrative offices. -Prepare and assist in filing of requests, letters and legal forms. -Provide and prepare accounts of investigations, hearings, court of inquiry and courts-martial. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Training begins as with all enlisted personnel with basic training. After boot camp, you will attend individual advanced training and be shown different administrative, legal and record keeping procedures. You will have the opportunity to practice in classroom settings as well as mock courtrooms and other training facilities. These experiences are designed to give you realistic experience and training in the Navy legal specialist area. If you are interested in the law, enjoy working with people, and have good hearing and vision, then this may be a position well suited for you. Good speaking skills, excellent hearing and attention to detail, and the ability to type are highly desired for this field. You will receive training in practical Navy legal applications, and shown various Navy methods and procedures dealing with JAG methods of business. Your first assignment will likely be to a large Navy base or facility to assist in further training and mentoring. Some of the fields that working in the Navy Legal Specialist area train you for include civilian court reporter, shorthand reporter, personnel clerk, Computer office equipment operator, civilian legal assistant, Office Manager, and civilian personal executive assistant.




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