Storekeeper Careers In The Coast Guard

One of the more available enlisted billets in the United States Coast Guard is the job of Storekeeper. A Storekeeper, or SK, is a master of storage and supply. The storekeeper is responsible to store, procure, preserve and issue any number of different items that is in his inventory. Items such as clothing, spare parts, technical items, provisions, and other storage goods are part of what is typically in the area that the storekeeper is responsible for. Storekeepers keep accurate records, and they are responsible for keeping reports and financial accounts. They are experts in the U.S. Coast Guard accounting system, and they keep and maintain a number of logistical and inventory activities that allow the Coast Guard to function and perform its mission. They are responsible for receiving deliveries at their duty station, and keeping an accurate inventory, and to check what arrives off of bills of lading or invoices, to keep track and account for incoming materials. Storekeepers in larger duty stations perform many warehouse functions including operating equipment such as forklifts. SK’s are stationed anywhere that the Coast Guard services, they can be found in shore based units of all different sizes, including Marine Safety Offices, Air Stations, Port Authority Stations, District Offices, Small Boat Units, Integrated Support Commands, and headquarters units. SK’s can also be assigned billets on virtually any vessel in the Coast Guard fleet, from buoy tenders, cutters, Search and Rescue Small Boat Units, Icebreakers, and Long Range navigation stations. Get your free career info here Servicemembers who become Coast Guard Storekeeper’s should have good organizational skills, and an aptitude for practical math, as well as customer service and inventory skills. Training starts with 9 weeks of Boot camp basic training at Cape May, New Jersey. After Basic training then a candidate for SK will attend a Class A school for advanced individual training, where they will learn the basics of inventory, storage basics, as well as other techniques and procedures. Following Technical school, a Storekeeper will be assigned to his first duty station. Most storekeepers will be assigned to larger units for their first active duty billet, to be further trained and mentored by senior enlisted Storekeeper personnel. After their initial duty station they will often then be tasked and assigned to a smaller duty station, perhaps as the sole SK at their new location.




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