Military Policemen Army Careers

Crime can strike anyone anywhere, and in the military is not an exception. Serving as Military Policemen in the Army is a challenging and modern field involving security and law enforcement techniques. The Army has their own trained police force for security and law enforcement, and crime investigation. Military Policemen are tasked to patrol and protect the property and lives of Army personnel, and the property of the Army on and off Army bases worldwide. They do this by enforcing regulations and military laws, including the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or UCMJ. They also assist regional and local law enforcement in patrolling against crime, controlling local traffic situations, and responding to criminal, fire, or other emergencies. The job of military policemen is primarily to conduct area security, police intelligence operations, area security, mobility and maneuver support, and law enforcement operations. Some of the duties you may have on your Military Police team include: -Collecting evidence such as fingerprints, fibers, and trace evidence. -Interviewing crime victims, witnesses and suspects while investigating crime. -Patrolling by car, by boat, or on foot. -Testifying in legal proceedings and in court. -Working with and training Canine police dogs. -Investigating, arresting and charging criminal suspects. -Providing crowd and traffic control and guarding entrances. Training for the job of Military Policeman in the Army consists of 9 weeks of basic training, followed by 8-12 weeks of individual advanced training. You will attend a Military training school designed to teach you modern police methods, and the Army way of law enforcement. You will learn skills in use of firearms, traffic and crowd control, evidence collection including chain of evidence training, civil, military and civilian law and jurisdiction issues, and general crime and accident investigation methods. Get your Free career assessment here If you have the ability to think calmly and clearly during stressful situations, and the ability to react and think quickly when needed then this may be a good field for you to pursue. As you rise in rank you will be increasingly responsible for training and assisting junior enlisted members of your police team. You will be responsible for supervising larger and larger groups of soldiers involved in installation and base security and general law and order operations. The skills you learn as an Army MP will train you for various positions in civilian law enforcement. You will be able to pursue employment with state, local or federal law enforcement, or even work in corrections at the state, federal or local level.




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