The Importance of a College Education for Military Veterans

You are not required to have a college education to enlist in the United States Military. Along with this, the Military does not require you to earn a degree while serving. Although you may not feel that college is right for you, keep one thing in mind: this is very important once your time in the Military comes to an end. If you have a college degree, you will be in much better position to achieve a high level of career success in the future.

A Leg up on the Competition

Let’s face it: more people than ever are attending college. With this in mind, it is more difficult than you can imagine to land a job.

To ensure that you are in position to compete with other applicants, you need a college degree. It does not matter if you attend college before enlisting or earn your degree while serving. What does matter is that you can include this on your resume as you begin to apply for civilian positions.

Combine a Degree with your Experience

As you consider this benefit, take the role of a company recruiter. There are two employees being considered for a position: both have a college degree but one has military experience as well. If all else is equal, which person do you think has the inside track?

There is nothing better than combining a college degree with Military experience. In the eye’s of most employers, this is the perfect combination of education and hands on experience.

Knowledge of your Desired Career Field

It is one thing to say that you have experience working a particular job in the United States Military. It is another thing entirely to be able to back this up with a college degree in a related field. This is by far the best of both worlds.

In today’s day and age, employers are looking for people with both experience and a college degree. There is no better way of showing this than by earning a degree and serving your country.

Use the ROTC Program to your Advantage

The ROTC program (Army and Navy) allows you to earn a college degree while also showing that you are committed to serving in the Military in the future. Upon graduation, you will be able to enlist in the Army or Navy as an officer. Does it get any better than that?

Additionally, the ROTC scholarship program can help pay for some or all of your college education. Not to mention the fact that you can also receive a monthly stipend.

After you have served your time in the Military, you can begin to look for a civilian job. With both a college degree and experience as an officer, it is safe to say that you will be coveted by many employers in your field.

As a Military veteran, you will have a much easier time finding a job in the civilian sector if you have a college degree. Remember, it is never too late to further your education!




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