Computers Donated By ePRT Team

Al Kut Girls School Receives Internet Center And Computers The Girls School at Al Kut has been slowly rebuilt in recent months by effort of Coalition soldiers and Iraqi contractors paid for by United States Military funds. But as the school neared it’s reopening, it became aware that there was no provision for the Internet or Computers. The Internet Computer Center was donated and installed by the Wasit Provincial Reconstruction Team, made up of various members of Coalition units in the Al Kut Area. The Internet center is a welcome addition to the school, and will help the female students work and study using modern materials. The manager of the School, Zahrad Aljdrey said that the students would be able to research, study and take exams using the computers. If such exams were sought, it meant a trip to Baghdad, now the school has the capability to give the exams on site. “It is a wonderful feeling to know that we can help these girls. After talking with them you see just how optimistic they are about the future, they are full of energy,” said Sergeant Amanda Timmer. Sgt Timmer is the Women’s Initiative and Program Manager for the Wasit Provincial Reconstruction Team. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! “These girls already had the desire and the initiative, now they have the tools to reach their ambitions and dreams,” said Timmer. This was a cooperative effort between the Wasit provincial counsel, the Iraqi Director General of Education, and the Coalition’s Wasit Provincial Reconstruction team.




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