Enlisted Marine Corps Exchange Specialist

The Marine Corps Exchange Specialist is a jack-of-all-trades, and deals with the support and performance of the Marine Corps Post Exchange. A Marine Corps Exchange Specialist is a person that deals with the public, and works to administrate all the different functions that a post or base Marine establishment. Marines who are tasked as a Marine Exchange Specialist work to perform all of the Marine club and exchange functions, such as: -Conducting inventories. -Receiving shipments of supplies. -Storing and arranging merchandise. -Conducting Inventories. -Selling and retail sales of anything that the exchange actively sells. -Preparing daily sales and inventory report. -Dealing with managerial and custodial issues. -Supervising property and funds. -Issuing and ordering merchandise. To start as a Marine Corps Exchange Specialist you have to have a combined element GT score of 110 or higher on theASVAB test. You will start out with training attending Basic Combat School, or basic training. Every Marine is a rifleman, and you will learn basic Marine doctrine and how to be a Marine at boot camp. Following basic training you will attend individual basic advanced training, and attend school where you will be taught the basics of retail and Marine Post exchange operation. Some of the concepts you will train with include: Basic inventory procedures, retail sales and stocking methods, basic receiving and shipping doctrines, Military supply procedures, interpersonal skills, dealing with the public, employee and employer retail management strategies, and other concepts. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! As you progress and become trained, you will likely be assigned to a larger Military facility for your first tour of duty. This is because the Marine wants to give new Post Exchange specialists a chance to be mentored and learn from more senior trained Marine exchange employees. After spending time at a larger post exchange you will have the opportunity to be detailed to a smaller post or Post Exchange. In some cases you may be assigned to a small duty station, in some cases you may be the only exchange specialist on site. With the training that you receive from the Marine Corps you will qualify for a number of civilian jobs following your time in the service, include sales clerk, Sales manager, department store manager, or manager of a number of different retail civilian type jobs.




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