Educational Army ROTC Opportunities

There is funding to help pay for your education through the Army ROTC program. It is the Reserve Officer Training program, and it is where a person completes a college education and then after they get their diploma they are commissioned into the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant. It is a lucrative program that allows a person a lot of flexibility to attend the school of their choice and still receive educational benefits. There are different levels of commitment to the ROTC program, depending on the level of support you wish to receive in your education.

Being an Officer in the United States Army means you have worked to pass a number of tests designed to weed out those who are not suited to a career in the Army. You have to be at the same time a strategist, a leader, a motivator and a counselor. While this may seem like a lot to ask the Army gives you the training and the know how as you go along so that by the time you finish your education you are ready to begin your Army Career.

Some of the different benefits that participating in Army ROTC allows you are:

-Assistance with tuition from a possible Army ROTC Scholarship.

-Gain practical experience and training you cant get anywhere else.

-Train to become a better manager and leader.

-Gain valuable respect from your peers and from future potential employers.

Participation in Army ROTC is an elective curriculum that you can take along with your regular college or university level coursework. You will have a relatively normal college experience but also be taking elective courses that will train you for ROTC leadership and an eventual commission.

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There are also different levels of commitment available in the ROTC Army training. You can elect to serve as an active duty officer, and agree to serve for three or four years (if you accept a ROTC Army scholarship then your term of service is four years). Or you can potentially accept a Reserve Officer commission, depending on your interests and desires, and the needs of the Army at the time you sign up. You are able to participate in the Army ROTC basic course without having to sign up for a term of service. The only exception is if you accept an Army ROTC Scholarship, in that case you are compelled to a term of service of four years. Otherwise, you can participate fully without any obligation until you graduate, and you can wait to decide until just before you graduate if you are not a scholarship Army student.




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if you are 20 years years old or 21 are you able to get into the ROTC?

if so where do you go to get in?

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Do you have to Join the Military to be able to recieve funding to help pay for college expences?

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