Military Dependent Education Support

For a long time there has been a desire for the dependents of Active duty Servicemembers and Veterans who have bravely served their country to be able to support the educational efforts of their spouses and dependents. Well now that is possible. Beginning in November of 2007, Congress set up a program where you can now transfer a part of your Active Duty Montgomery GI bill benefit money to your spouse, or dependents to use. They can now access part of your Montgomery GI bill benefits for them to attend the same universities or colleges that you qualify to attend. This is a new feature, and one long overdue. It is a good benefit for those who have a larger family, and will allow the education and advancement of education goals for members of the family besides the Servicemember. This program comes with a catch however. Congress recognized, that especially now in a time of War, that there should be incentives for soldiers to re enlist and to stay in the military. This is especially true in specialties and MOS designations that are facing critical shortages. So this transfer benefit has some restrictions. If a soldier does not select the transfer option when they initially decide to enlist, then they cannot use the transfer option until they are ready to possibly reenlist, and it does not become available until they actually agree to another enlistment period. To qualify the following factors have to be in place in order to transfer benefits: -The soldier has to have served in the Armed Forces for at least six years of service when they re enlist. -They have to be in a field or specialty MOS that qualifies for the transfer benefit. -They have to be willing to sign up for an additional 4-year enlistment period. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The same kinds of VA Montgomery GI bill education funds that are accessible for the Servicemember are available to their spouse or dependent, under the conditions mentioned above. Up to 18 months or in other words, up to ½ of the benefits that are available to the Servicemember can be transferred to their spouse or their children/dependent to use. This is a feature that many in the Armed Forces say is long overdue, and promises to be a lucrative benefit for many Servicemembers.




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