Air Force Battle Manager Careers

Working in the Air Force as a Commissioned Officer, as an Air Battle Manager can be very fast paced and hectic. You will have as a direct responsibility the management of airspace, air defenses, and tactical missions. You will direct, plan and organize the implementation of missions, and participate in the planning of air operations, mission planning, and air tactics and defense management. Air Battle Managers in the Air Force employ and select aircraft for specific missions. They assign aircraft for data link, reporting, surveillance, combat weapons missions, and then participate in evaluating how the missions went. The job of Air Battle manager deals with communications, weapons systems, flight and aircraft systems, as well as a host of other theater and battle related equipment. The Air Battle Manager is an officer that participates often from a mobile command center, it is a flying assignment. They are based frequently in E-3 AWACS, E-8 Airborne Laser, and E-8 Joint STARS aircraft. Air Battle Managers work to analyze objectives and national defense guidance procedures, and they deal with helping to create various operations policies, and to work with Commanders to conduct training and flying exercises. They are responsible for managing the unit training and conducting operational readiness training, to be sure that the aviation assets are prepared trained and ready for their missions at a moments notice. The Field of Air Battle Manager requires being a commissioned Air Force Officer. There are several paths to earning a commission, attending a service Academy, completion of ROTC Air Force Training, and or attending Officer Candidate School. No matter the path, a 4-year Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree is required for this position. Serving as a Air Force Battle Manager is a challenging position, where you are still a Air Force Aviator but more into the operations and planning end of things. You can enlist in the Air Force and work toward earning a commission and attending ROTC or Officers Candidate school, or you can complete your degree and then enlist with the direction of going directly to Officers Candidate School. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Serving in the Air Force as an Air Battle Manager is a competitive and challenging assignment. If you possess superior communication skills, and are able to keep a level head during stressful times or crisis situations, then this may be the career field that is best suited for you.




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