Coast Guard Criminal Investigator Careers

The Coast Guard Criminal Investigator IV is a Reserve Officer Career. It is open to people who are currently law enforcement officers, with at least three years experience. As a Criminal Investigator IV, you will provide investigative support to Coast Guard intelligence and Law enforcement missions. You will work to conduct personal background investigations, and criminal investigations. You will be expected to collect and analyze a large amount of information, including intelligence and issues of possible homeland security. As a criminal Investigator IV, you will also work to provide personal protection at times to VIPs and high-ranking Coast Guard Officers when needed.

So What Do You Do As An Investigator?

You could be assigned to criminal type investigations that relate to Coast Guard missions, interagency liaison operations, and interagency law enforcement. You will be given the chance to investigate felony violations by Coast Guard Servicemembers. You will work to find out possible violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as well as working in law enforcement situations. You will work to gather and preserve evidence, and collect information on a variety of cases as assigned.

To enlist in this program you will be required to attend the Direct Reserve Officer Program. Also to be eligible for this career you have to be a three-year veteran of some sort of criminal law enforcement academy or criminal investigator academy, and actively serving as a civilian law enforcement officer. Most of your ongoing training will be through correspondence courses and training with other Coast Guard Investigators on the job. This is a career specifically designed to accommodate civilian law enforcement officers who wish to serve their country in the Coast Guard as a Coast Guard Investigator.

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Depending on your experience and your mission, you may be required periodically to attend additional training. Training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training facility may be offered as well as opportunities to attend training as available at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Basic Law Enforcement Officer course at Quantico, Virginia. You will already be civilian law enforcement official to serve in this career field, but the training that you receive will also help you in your civilian law enforcement career. Past members of the Career Field have combined their Coast Guard Investigator Training and their civilian careers to advance to positions such as detective, detective Sergeant, or even lieutenant or Captain positions in their civilian jobs.




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I would like information about the Coast Guard criminal invetigator postion.

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I am interested in receiving information on vacancies for investigator positions. As required, I have more than 3 years experience, and investigative skills and experiences with activities which warrant Title 18 violations.

Please provide a response to the email address provided above. I lookf forward to your reply and information.

Thailia Griffin Mercer

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What is the cut off age for enlistment if you have prior service ?

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What is the cut off age for enlistment if you have prior service?

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