Marine Combat Arms Infantry Careers

As a Marine Corps enlisted person, you will have the opportunity to serve in one of the proudest services. There is a special sense of esprit de corps that is found in the Marines that is not always found in the other services. There is an old saying, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” It is also true that from the Commandant of the Marine Corps, down to the most lowly boot camp recruit, every single person in the Marine Corps has been trained as a rifleman, and can bear arms successfully having received rifleman training at some point in their Careers. The Marine Corps is the Warrior arm of the Armed Forces. They work hand in glove with their brother services to defend and fight the battles to achieve their mission objectives. The Marine Combat Arms specialty has several different areas where a person can serve. All of the Combat Arms positions are either in the Artillery, Infantry, or Armor divisions. There are a number of specialties that are found in each one, each that offer a rewarding career rich with tradition and training opportunities. Infantry: The Infantry has several specialties that make up its service. You can choose to serve as a rifleman, which is the most basic position in the Infantry. Or you can receive training and become an anti tank missile operator, a machine gunner, or a mortar operator. You can also qualify as a light armored vehicle crewman, and also be one of the other infantry MOS positions at the same time. Armor: Serving in a Marine Corps. Armor unit usually means you are on a tank. While this is not always true, most of the Armor serving in the United States Marine Corps are tank based. Other career options if you want to be in the Armour division are to work on an amphibious assault vehicle, as a crewmember. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Last, you can elect to serve in the Artillery Division. Serving in the artillery division of Combat Arms in the Marine Corps means you will be one of several different job career specialties. You may be tasked to be part of a field artillery fire control team. Or, you could serve as a field Artillery cannoneer. Or you may serve as a field Artillery radar operator, and be responsible for helping find targets for the artillery to hit. No matter your job title, serving in the Marine Corps Combat Arms division is a very rewarding job that will give you a lot of training in discipline, pride, and organization. These traits will stand you in good stead in the civilian world.




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