Army Resettlement Internment Careers

Working in the Army as a Resettlement Internment specialist is similar in many respects to working in a civilian correctional facility. You are primarily tasked to maintain day-to-day operations in a correctional or confinement facility. This can be a detention internment facility, or corrections based facility. You have the primary responsibility to provide welfare, health, rehabilitative and confinement security to United States Military Prisoners within the boundaries of a United States Military confinement or correctional facility. You work to provide control, custody, security and supervision to inmates or internees with a specific military facility. You will work to conduct physical and periodic inspections, prepare reports, coordinate the activities of internees or inmates and work to operate and supervise all functions of a military confinement facility. Your duties as an Army Internment or Resettlement specialist will include: Providing external or internal security to internees or inmates, provide guidance or counseling to individual prisoners with a rehabilitative program, and to work to provide escort, security custody and control to internees, inmates or United States Military prisoners. Other Duties that you may participate in include: Assisting with management and supervision of detention and confinement operations, preparing records and reports, as well as documenting and reviewing other reports, and providing a written record of all security and facility operations. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Job Training for the position of Army Resettlement Interment specialist involves 19 weeks of intensive training. The first 9 weeks will be at Basic Combat Training where you will learn what it means to be in the Army, and participate as every enlisted Army soldier in basic training. Then the next ten weeks you will spend learning about the basics of being an Army Resettlement and Internment specialist. Some of the topics you will study in both classroom and on the job training include: Use of firearms, level of force response procedures, Military jurisdiction and laws, Police ethics and deviance procedures, close confinement procedures, control and custody procedures, and unarmed self defense techniques. After completing your training you will be assigned to an Army Military Corrections facility, United States Military Prison, or Army Military Internment or Resettlement facility. You will work to advance and learn in your job field. Senior Enlisted Army Resettlement and Internment specialists work to help train other junior Army personnel in your job field.




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What is a Army Military Internment or Resettlement facility? I’ve Googled “Army Military Resettlement” and “Army Military Internment” but Google does not return any results for those phrases.

Are Army Military Internment or Resettlement facilities new?

Where are they located or planed to be located?

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