4th BCT Troops Assist Chicken Farmers

Functioning Poultry Farms Receive Assistance And Support FOB Kalsu, Iraq Soldiers working to patrol the Kalsu area were pleased to discover a number of Iraq Chicken Farms that were industriously functioning along, without regard to the overall situation of the war. Several farms have been producing eggs, and chicken products on a continual basis without regard to the war. Members of the 3rd Infantry, 4th BCT, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion were pleased to stumble across a number of chicken houses operating in the Abu Lukah region. One farm in particular had four chicken houses, three of which were operational. “This is a huge success story, for the spirit of Iraqi Farming, and for the entire region,” said Captain David Stewart. Captain Stewart is Commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3-7th Infantry Regiment. “The farmer here, Abdul Sattar, has worked to keep his business, and it has been profitable, despite the war and all the excitement and confusion,” said Captain Stewart. Sattar has kept his business running without any assistance or contact by the Coalition, which is a rare and amazing feat worth recognition. Captain Stewart and his men met with Sattar and other area chicken farmers, and spoke about issues that the coalition can do to help support their businesses and their efforts to remain in business. The issue of electrical power, and support for running electric lines to his chicken farm were among issues that were discussed. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Currently all the chicken farms in the region use generator power, but fuel and spare parts for the generators hard often hard to come by. The area is slowly being electrified as transmission lines and power lines are set up, poles set and lines strung.




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