Financial Benefits of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

To achieve success at the college level, you need a couple of things. First and foremost, you must have the desire to perform in the classroom. Along with this, you need money. As unfortunate as it may be, the cost of college is on the rise.

Enter the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. When you become part of this program, you will find that you are not only bettering your chance of future career success but also in position to receive money for your education.

With the help of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Scholarship Program, you can receive up to $180,000 for tuition – and that is just the start. There are many other benefits – both financial and academic – to become familiar with.

The Many Financial Advantages

There are schools across the country that participate in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Scholarship Program. In addition to covering some or all of your tuition, this program provides financial benefits for other areas of your education including:

– Miscellaneous school and lab fees

– Stipend for textbooks

– A monthly allowance that can be spent however you best see fit: freshman -$250/month; sophomore – $300/month; junior – $350/month; senior – $400/month.

What does all this money mean? Simply put, it allows for you to better enjoy your college experience. It is much easier to make your way through school, year after year, when you don’t have to concern yourself with financial difficulties.


How excited are you about joining the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps? While most students find that they qualify, there are specific requirements that you must meet before getting started.

Here is a short list of the basic requirements for gaining admittance to the NROTC:

– United States citizen

– Not younger than 17 by September 1 of your first year and not older than 23 of June 30 of that year

– Under the age of 27 by June 30 of the year that you will be graduating college

– High school diploma or GED

– Physically qualified to serve in the Navy

– No more than 30 semester hours at the time of applying for the program

When you become part of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps you are training for life in the Navy upon graduation. Of course, while you are in school it is the financial benefits that you will be most excited about!




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