Coalition Aids Iraqi Police Recruitment

Current Recruit Sought From Kalsu Citizens FOB Kalsu, Iraq– As the continued security situation settles into a relative calm, soldiers from U.S. Forces and Coalition troops are beginning to aid local Iraqi Police Units as they recruit from the local villages and towns in Iraq. The current recruitment drive is an effort in increase the number of candidates for both the Iraqi Police, and the Iraqi National Army. Both want to increase their numbers dramatically, and a recruitment drive is seen as a possible method of doing this. It is the first chance for citizens in the region to participate in their own security, and this concept is being emphasized in the drive. “This is the first time five years that the Government of Iraq, and the councils of Arab Jabour and these communities are being joined together. This recruitment drive will help citizens to directly affect their communities by being involved in the Army and the Iraqi Police,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ken Adgie. Colonel Adgie is the Commander of the 1-30th Infantry Regiment, which is a coalition unit stationed in the Kalsu area. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The recruitment drive appears to have been successful. At its peak more than 800 men from the community visited the drive, and had a chance to talk to representatives from both the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi National Police. The Iraqi Police leader, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammed did not at first want to hold the drive because he had some doubts about Arab Jabour. After a tour of Arab Jabour, Muhammed changed his mind and the drive went ahead.




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