Army Psychological Operations Specialist

Working in the Army as an Army Psychological Operations Specialist is a very challenging and evolving Army specialty. The role of an Army Psychological Operations specialist is to figure out the needs for information of a specific population of people at a particular place and time, and deliver the correct message at the place and time needed, to get a desired response. If this sounds complicated, well it can be, but the role of an Army Psychological Operations Specialist is crucial to the operations of many successful Army military campaigns. As an Army Psychological Operations specialist you serve as a working member of the Special Operations Army Community. As part of the special Ops community you will work to develop assess, and distribute specific information for maximum informative and psychological effect.

Actual Duties?

Part of the duties that you may have as a psychological Operations specialist can include: traveling to overseas locations during conflict and crisis, and assisting civilian and military populations, and foreign and United States Governments. You may also be involved in operating and maintaining psychological operations equipment such as loudspeaker systems, analog and digital recording systems, and ground and shelter tactical systems. You may be asked to research and analyze different methods of using information to influence foreign groups and populations, to disseminate and distribute products including radio and television programs, and newspaper and Internet media source material.

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You will be required work with a variety of media and information devices including posters, handbills, brochures, leaflets, web postings, blogs or radio and television scripts. You will be involved in both information and dis- information campaigns to spread information leading to successful US Army and United States missions. Training for a Psychological Operations Specialist starts after a successful nine weeks of Basic Combat Training. After boot camp you will spend between 11 and 15 weeks of individual advanced training and learn skills to become an Army Psychological Operations Specialist. This is a Special Operations billet, so after this special training you will attend four to six months of additional training learning a foreign language, and Airborne training that will last about three weeks.

Army Reserve Psychological Operations Specialists are not required to attend Airborne Training and language school, but knowledge of a foreign language is helpful. If you have an ability to think creatively, and interest in people and have completed college level social science studies this may be a career field for you to explore in the Army.




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