US Army Releases Revised Land Warrior System

These systems, which have been previously tested, have not been approved as the warrior system has been too heavy to operate. The systems, which are used to detect snipers and is operated by a GPS tracking system, have now been upgraded and revised, and are set to be released in to the US Army in the early part of 2008.

The Army is greatly welcoming these land warrior systems for a variety of reasons. The main reason as to why the US Army is welcoming these systems is because they are needed on the battle fields and in the survey of territory land, as they replace the soldiers. This is particularly important, as the lives of soldiers are often at risk when they walk into a territory that is unknown or is being masked out for the first time.

With the land warrior system, the soldiers do not have to put their lives at risk, and the overall operations of the land warrior can be controlled from a remote location that is far from where the system is at. This is especially important, as the lives of all of the US troops are precious, and can be saved, thanks to the new and revised land warrior system. In addition to the land warriors having the capability to be mobile on the ground, it is also capable of intercepting intelligence from enemy lines, and presenting this information to the troops, as to avoid a possible attack.

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