Artillery Army Air Defense Officer

Part of the use of technology has led to the diversification of the Artillery and Infantry. In the modern battle era, the Army Artillery Air Defense Officer plays a crucial role in defense of the troops and soldiers on the battlefield. The Army Air Defense has changed as the type of missile and air weapons, and the type of defenses has changed. The Army Air Defense specialty has developed into one of the most technologically advanced jobs in the entire Armed Forces. Because of the constant changes in missile ability and technology, the person who serves as an Artillery Army Air Defense Officer has to constantly stay on top of the state of the art in missile defenses, as the ongoing technology continues to evolve and change. The Army Artillery Air Defense Officer is the person who has to lead the on ground defenses against many types of missile attack. They have to be an expert in the air defense system deployment field, and become proficient in both how to attack using missiles, and the procedures, techniques, and tactics for air defensive systems. As an Army Air Defense Officer you will be responsible for leading teams in protecting U.S. Forces from missile attack, enemy surveillance, and attack by missiles from the air. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Serving in the Army as an Air Defense Artillery Officer requires that you become an expert in one or more of the different missile systems currently available: Man portable Air defense system, AVENGER missile system, the Bradley linebacker system, or the PATRIOT missile defense system. This is a commissioned Army Officer specialty, which means you have to earn a commission through direct commissioning, Army Officer Candidate school, attending the Army Service Academy at West Point, or via ROTC training and commissioning. After you earn your commission and become a 2nd lieutenant in the Army, you will be responsible for coordination of both personnel and missile systems to defend a specific target environment. You are a vital link in the defense of the unit or Army area to which you are assigned. Training will include attending the Air Defense Artillery Basic Officer Course, and you will be instructed in leadership skills, operational aspects of Army Artillery equipment, and the maintenance, operations, tactics, and operational aspects of vehicles and weapons used as an Army Air Defense Artillery Missile defense Officer.




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