Military Medical School Options

If you want to join the military to help get a degree as a nurse or a doctor then you have a number of options. You can find your own military school that you wish to attend. Using this option, you can select a school that has ROTC and participate as an officer Candidate. This will allow you to get your feet wet as an ROTC candidate. This will allow you to participate in military training, and even perhaps qualify for a ROTC scholarship to help pay for your medical training. There are many fine schools around the country that you can attend to get a medical degree, where you can participate in ROTC at the same time. If you want to serve in the military as a nurse or doctor, there is additionally as school that allows you to do just that. It is a school that if you are accepted will pay for all your education, textbooks, fees and room and board, if you sign up and agree to serve seven-year periods of time. This school is the F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The F. Herbert Medical school is a program that was first started by Congress in 1972, as a method of training nurses and doctors. The first four year program began in 1976 and graduated its first class of Doctors and Nurses in the spring of 1980. This is the medical center of excellence that trains most of the doctors and nurses that eventually serve in the United States Armed Forces. The school is known around the world as a Medical Center of Excellence, and has cutting edge study and research facilities. There have been a number of importance discoveries in disaster medicine, public health and advances in fighting different types of tropical disease by faculty or alumni of the school. The school offers both Masters and Doctorate degrees, and is open to any U.S. Citizen who applies and is accepted. While at the school students serve as Commissioned Officers, and are paid full pay and benefits as a commissioned officer in the Armed Forces. Students not only do not have to worry about money or paying for their education, but they enjoy the full benefits and salary that a commissioned officer of the United States Armed Forces enjoys. This makes getting a medical education there very lucrative and attractive.




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I am a retired Army dentist and was talking to a young lady who is a junior in college and very interested in a career in medicine. I mentioned to her the F. Herbert Medical School and she was unaware of it even though her father also is an Army retiree. He served 30 years in Special Forces. At any rate, she would consider the military for herself but is not sure if her GPA is competitive for an application at F. Herbert. Can you give me the average GPA for recent selectees at the military medical school? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Steve Hannon

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