Careers In Coast Guard Port Security

One of the more dynamic careers in the Enlisted Coast Guard is the role of the Coast Guard Port Security officer. This is a career for the Reserves only, and it is one where a person becomes a shoreside and waterside security agent, protecting personnel, facilities and often the shipping port itself. You will become a trained expert in many different topics dealing with intelligence, port security, shipping, navigational information, risk assessments, and port shipping and receiving operations. As a Port Security officer in the United States Coast Guard, you will be trained in a variety of areas to function in support of nationwide homeland security operations. You can be attached to Coast Guard and Naval Units serving Overseas as part of DoD overseas Coastal Defense Operations. Your job will qualify you to serve with Warfare and Naval Coastal Defense Units as needed in support of Ports of Call both domestically and overseas, or you could be assigned to a stateside Port Security Coast Guard Port inspection team. An additional duty you may be called to provide is as a Maritime Safety and Security Team Member. A MSST operative has the responsibility primarily to deploy anywhere throughout the United States to assist in homeland security, and increased shoreside and waterside security operations. This is done in support of homeland security maritime and port security requirements. Training as a Coast Guard Port Security man begins with standard Basic Recruit Training at Cape May, New Jersey, where you will spend 9 weeks learning how to become a Coast Guard Enlisted team member. After Basic Training you will travel to Yorktown, Virginia, and attend a 7-week Port Security School where you will learn the basics of port security operations. You will be trained in both classroom settings, and in the field training where you can put your skills to work in real life settings. The Port Security rating is responsible to assist with a large part of the civilian Port inspection duties, including container inspection, and the inspection of ships and cargo vessels that enter and leave the major Ports of Call in the United States. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! This is an excellent job in the Reserves if you already work in civilian law enforcement or security, and can also lead to jobs in the civilian work place in police or sheriffs departments, or in correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada.




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