Retired Major General Teams with Mitt Romney for President

Mr. Marks, who has recently retired from the military, would serve as the Senior Advisor for the National Security Affairs. This is a major milestone for General Marks, as he already has many other accolades to his records.

Major General Marks proudly served more than 30 years in the US military before he decided to retire. This type of dedication is seen quite often in the US military, and is known to be honorable among those that have served for our country. Mitt Romney believes that his choice for selecting James Marks for the Senior Advisor position is beneficial, as he has “been outspoken to his commitment to the men and women in our military”. This type of service can often be justified with the diligence and honor that only a Major General can provide.

The awards that the Major General James Marks has received are extensive and impressive. He has been the recipient for the Army Commendation medal, the NATO medal,  the Defense Superior Service Medal, just to name a few. Although his awards received are long, they are all of great importance, and only add to the fact that Mitt Romney has decided on the right choice for his presidential candidate for the Senior Advisor for the National Security Affairs.




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