Advanced Rank Marine Corps Benefits

If you are looking to enlist in the Marine Corps, then you may qualify for enlisted advance rank. If you are in a certain number of categories, it may be possible for you to leave basic training with advanced rank, you can graduate at E-2 as a Private First Class, or even E-3 Lance Corporal. You can qualify for these advance rank levels because of certain qualifying factors that you must meet before you enlist in the Marine Corps. The specific level of advanced rank will depend on your amount of qualifying factors and your specific situation. Some of the categories that may qualify you for advanced rank include: Prior Service: If you served and were discharged honorably in a previous military commitment with at least six months of active duty service, not including your military service school or initial training then you may qualify. Prior service in the enlisted specialty that you are aiming for in the Marine Corps is especially valued, as this will mean less training is necessary to make you into a current Marine Corps Asset. ROTC: If you have served as a junior ROTC candidate with at least 2 years completed, or as a regular ROTC candidate with two or more years of experience you may qualify. Both Junior ROTC and ROTC credit takes for granted that you will have graduated successfully from high school before your ROTC experience and Marine Corps enlistment. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Scouting: If you have earned the rank of Eagle Scout, in either the Boy Scouts or as a Girl Scout in the United States, you may qualify for advanced rank placement in the Marine Corps. This is because of the training and discipline necessary to achieve Eagle Scout, that such experience is judged valuable to the Marine Corps. College Coursework: If you have worked to complete 12 semester hours, or 18 quarter hours of college level coursework with a C average or better you may be qualified for advanced rank You can in some cases also qualify for advanced rank after boot camp if you successfully refer two candidates for enlistment. The Marine Corps has been proud to meet its recruitment goals over the years, and values quality candidates so if they successfully enlist two people that you refer they give you the ability for advanced rank placement when you graduate from boot camp.




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The Girl Scouts? They learn how to braid hair and talk to people. That’s it. They used to be good, but about 6 years ago they changed their ways of Girl Scouting (similar to Boy Scouts) and now are more interested in fun things. These can’t help prepare them in the military at all.

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What is your affiliation with Girl Scouts? I am not sure that your unqualified statement is proof of anything. Travel leadership social skills archery riflery, outdoor skills, and a whole host of other things learned in scouting both boy and girl prepare children of both sexes for future careers. Gold Award requirements for Gurl Scouts are actually much stricter than an Eagle Award. Look it up.

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Earning the Rank of either Eagle Scout or Gold Award is about demonstrating LEADERSHIP to others. Its NOT about specific project that is required to complete the rank… That has NOT changed in the past 6 years or the past 100 years of scouting….ranking up each level over the course of scouting while demonstrating the scout oath and laws is whats learned year after year. Demonstrating that spirit to other is what LEADERSHIP is. If they have Fun along the way, all the better. for Teri’s comments i will add the adage.
“Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”

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