Aviation Powertrain Repair Technician

Working in the Aviation Powertrain repair field in the Army you may work on the engine and powertrain from a great number of different Army aircraft. The Army uses its aircraft to patrol and transport, as well as training of personnel for a variety of Army missions. It is the mission of the Army Powertrain repair team to make sure that the engines and powertrain equipment on Army Aviation aircraft are safe and able to fly. As a team member of the Army Aviation maintenance crew you will be responsible to inspect, troubleshoot, service, and repair issues affecting the Aircraft engine, or powertrain on Army Aviation Craft. The Aircraft powertrain and engine repairer works on the large systems of an aircraft. You will work on various fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft powertrains and engines, and repair problems in different engines and systems. You will be trained to inspect and supervise repair on Army airplanes and helicopters. Part of your duties will include: removing and repairing, adjusting, balancing and aligning various parts of a Aviation engine powertrain, disassembling hangar assemblies and friction dampers, replacement of transmission adapting parts, powertrain quills, and rotary tanks and wing hubs, and maintenance on ground operator support equipment. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! You will work at any of the many facilities in the United States or around the world that the Army serves at. You can work at a large base or facility, or be tasked as part of a deployment field unit repairing aircraft in the field. Other duties you will have as an Army Aviation repair specialist include preparing turn in requests and engine and part repair, maintain a bench and stock facilities for aircraft engine repair, and maintain hazardous materials and flammable fuel and materials. Training begins with Basic Combat Training for nine weeks, then an additional 18 weeks of individual advanced training. You will spend time in the field and in the classroom learning basics in fuel and hydraulic systems, electrical systems, airframe coverings, engine disassembly and repair, and fiberglass, aluminum and steel airframe components. If you have any background in aviation or mechanical repair, or if you have an interest in work involving aircraft, and if you are well versed in mathematics, then this may be a good choice for a job field for you.




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