BlackHawk Helicopter Mechanic Careers

There are hundreds of Army missions each year that rely on Blackhawk helicopters for patrol, transportation, and flight training. The members of the Army Blackhawk Helicopter repair team are responsible for making sure that the entire helicopter and rotary wing aircraft are checked out, and ready to fly in support of the Army mission. As an important member of the UH-60 Helicopter repair team you will be responsible for supervising and performing maintenance on helicopters in your unit. You will be assigned to a team that is responsible for a specific group of rotary UH-60 Helicopter Aircraft, and be a key member to make sure they are in top military readiness as all times.

Some of the duties as a UH-60 Utility Helicopter mechanic that you may have to perform may include: installing, removing and repairing various aircraft subsystems including rotors, transmissions, gearboxes, engines, and mechanical flight controls, and their various components, repairing and servicing aircraft landing gear, lubricating and servicing aircraft and maintenance systems, and performing special inspections. The duties of a Blackhawk UH-60 mechanical Repairer also includes preparing helicopter aircraft for scheduled maintenance and inspection, repairing and replacing wiring, electrical parts, batteries, lights, and starters, and inspection of aircraft wings, tail, and fuselages. Job training for a UH Black hawk helicopter repairer consists of basic training for nine weeks where you will learn about being in the Army. After Basic combat training you will advance to individual advanced training for 15 weeks. You will work to study both in the classroom and in the field learning about basic helicopter engine disassembly and repair. You will study electrical and fuel systems, hydraulic systems and how to repair steel, fiberglass and aluminum airframe coverings.

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If you have a background in shop mechanics or the industrial arts, are good with hand and power tools, and if you have an interest in working with aviation and aircraft then this may be the job and career in the Army for you. You will be responsible as you rise in rank and rate to help train and supervise Blackhawk Mechanics who are junior enlisted personnel, to help them learn proper procedures and repair methods.

There are many civilian aviation careers that you can pursue if you are a trained UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter mechanic, such as small engine repair, or working in a larger civilian based aviation shop or airplane hanger at a small airport.




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military dot image Robert Johnston    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I am interested in making a career change. I am a machinist in the Air Force Reserve. I am looking to become a full time military member in the United States Army. Please give me feedback on how I can acomplish this goal on becoming a BlackHawk Mechanic for the Army.
Staff Srgt. Johnston

military dot image arin    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

The Army has a Blue To Green Program that facilitates branch changes. It usually allows you to maintain similar rank/paygrade and you shouldn’t have to repeat BCT. Your first step should be contacting an Army recruiter for additional info, such as what bonuses apply, etc.

military dot image spc powell    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

im looking to go back to active duty and wondering what its goin to take for me to switch from an 88M to either work on blackhawks,apaches,or kiawas any thought on how to go about doin this and what all im goin to need?

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