Bradley Fighting Vehicle Army Careers

Army missions depend on having personnel that can work and keep their vehicles in top fighting shape. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle repairer and maintainer is a field that works on several different varieties of the Army Bradley Fighting Vehicle, including the Bradley M-7 Fighting Infantry Support Team, the M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and the A2/A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, You will be a vital member of the repair team. You will be trained how to troubleshoot various versions of the Bradley vehicle system, and how to troubleshoot problems that are part of the repair and maintenance departments daily routine. Some of the duties you may have as a maintainer and Bradley Fighting Vehicle maintainer includes: establishing and following Bradley Vehicle maintenance schedules, troubleshooting various complex system problems in the suspension, brake, steering, electrical, or diesel engines, and becoming familiar with the knowledge, practices and safety requirements for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. You will work both in the field and in the classroom to receive your training. You will train in simulated and actual battle conditions, including learning the technical skills necessary to perform turret maintenance, servicing, inspecting, adjusting, testing, replacing, repairing, purging, and identifying systems and their components on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. You will also become familiar with the Bradley transmission and engine assemblies, and learn about how to replace major Bradley assemblies, including fire control and the turret. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Job training for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle include starting with Basic Combat Training for nine weeks, where you will learn about the basic soldiering skills needed in the Army. After that you will progress into individual advanced training, both in the field and in the classroom. You will learn basic engine tune up and repair, how to replace radiators, fenders and body panels, and how to identify and troubleshoot electrical problems and mechanical problems. If you are good with your hands, and enjoy working with tools, and if you have an interest in automotive systems and their operations, or if you have any background or training in auto mechanics or industrial arts this may be a good job skill for you. As you advance and rise in rank and rate you will be responsible to supervise and train junior members of your maintenance team serving in your same discipline.




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