Paris, Texas Lineman Receives Special Invitation from US Army

Paris High School football player, Stephen Good, who plays in the offense for the local football team, was invited to participate in the 2008 US Army All-American Football Bowl. This is quite an honor for anyone that is invited to the football bowl, especially Stephen Good, as there are only 84 participants that are selected out of 1 million entries.

The event, which will be played in San Antonio, Texas in January of 2008, will be nationally televised by NBC. This is quite the honor for the high school senior, who would have never thought that he would be asked to be a part of a national honor that is represented by the US Army. In addition to the invitation to play in the US Army All-American Football Bowl, he was also asked to attend the US Army Coaches academy, which has recruiters from the top NFL teams, as well as top colleges.

This is quite an honor that only affects 83 other individuals. The Army, which perfects one of the military branches of the government, is also hot to such said extra curricular activities, such as the US Army football team. This football team competes against others, which is quite similar to regular football teams.

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