Infantry Fire Support Army Specialist

Working in Fire Support in the Army involves a high paced, fast moving job. You have to be an expert in working with munitions, and your job involves being able to do your job, and do it swiftly each and every time. Not only your own safety, but also the safety of your fellow soldiers relies on your competence and ability. You will be a member of an Army Artillery Field team, and work to fire large weapons or missiles to support other infantry soldiers or tanks on the battlefield. The Army Fire Support Infantry specialist is primarily tasked with supervising, leading or assisting in intelligence dealing with division artillery, identification of the enemy, maneuver brigade and target processing. Some of the duties that you will have as an Infantry Fire Support Specialist include: Maintaining and establishing different artillery communications systems, operate and interact using communication devices with other artillery and command units, assist to determine the location of targets using manual or machine aided calculations, and help in using and operating target designators, night observation equipment, and laser range finders. You will work as part of a battle team, on an Army Fire Support and Field Artillery team. Some of the other duties you will be responsible for include decoding and encoding messages, and coordinating target lists and documents, as well as disseminating and preparing fire support plans. Working in the field as a member of an Army Artillery Fire Support team you have to have the physical stamina to serve for long periods without rest or relief, and to perform physical and strenuous activities for long periods of time without rest. One of the requirements for a Field Artillery team member is normal hearing and normal color vision, because there are items such as types of ammunition that are color-coded. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Training begins with your first day of nine week long Basic Combat Training where you will learn how to become a soldier, and about the basics of being an Army enlisted person. After basic training you will attend individual advanced training school, where you will be trained in different aspects for becoming an Army Artillery team member. You will learn about artillery tactics, methods of handling and storing different types of Ammunition, how to compute and target different locations for artillery fire, and how to operate, maintain and use various different types of rocket, missile and gun systems.




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Can I apply if I am not a US citizen?

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