Educational Air Force ROTC Programs

Looking into the military, as a possible career can be easier than it seems. You can investigate the military while you are in school without making any sort of commitment if you look at taking various military science and military related courses as elective credit. This allows you to look into and check out military programs, and learn more about what the military is all about. Then, as you learn and discover what the military has to offer you can make a better-informed decision for yourself, to decide if the military is something you are interested in. One of the nice things is that if you do decide to join the military, or take part in a formal ROTC course of study that leads to an eventual military commission and stint as a commissioned military officer, and then the former military classes you took as elective credit will likely apply toward your ROTC military degree. If you join the Air Force via Reserve Officer Training Courses, then you have a number of different options. You can start slow, and take classes for no obligation, as elective credit as we just discussed. That way you learn without having any obligation or without having a service commitment. It’s an easy and fun way to get your feet wet and become familiar with the Air Force ROTC program. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! If you do decide to join for real, and enter into an agreement with an attached commitment, then you have a choice between a two-year and a four-year program. Four Year Program: The four-year program is the extended version of the Air Force ROTC program. It entails the General Military Course. Some students sign up for the Four Year program as an elective, and take the course for two years without obligation, and then sign and become obligated with the last two years of the program. This is an advantage if you do not know at first if the Air Force will be something you enjoy. Others join the Four-year program, and apply for a scholarship immediately. If awarded an Air Force ROTC Scholarship, then they attend and participate for four years, and then serve as a Commissioned Air Force Officer upon graduation. Two Year program: This is the final two years of the Air Force ROTC program. If you attended the first two years, either as elective or on scholarship then entrance into the final two years is automatic. If you did not, then you have to compete for entrance into a six week extended training summertime field unit.




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I am very interested in an exciting career in the military!

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i am wiling to do what ever it takes to be in the Air Force Combat Controller

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I would love to join the air force I just need to know how do I take my asvab test

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