Non-Traditional Dantes Distance Education

If you are joining the military there is a program that is designed to assist in getting your education. It is designed specifically for those who seek an opportunity to get their education through distance learning, or by non-traditional means. It is called the DANTES program, or Defense Activity for Non Traditional Education Support. It is for those who wish to serve their country and earn a degree at that same time. The term non-traditional deals with the ability to design your educational plan, to attend class over the Internet, or to attend class when you are able to. There are programs that you can participate in through your military education service office or the Navy College office that give you the tools to be successful in your college career. There are many avenues to participate in education and vocational goals through the following venues: satellite television services, CD-Rom disks, Email, Internet courses, Pod casts, or print based correspondence. DANTES is set up to provide resources, information and support programs for both individuals and groups, and to complete your college degree while serving on active duty. Some of the methods include: Credit-by-examination: This is a program ran through the CLEPS program, which gives a person direct college credit by examination. There are a wide variety of college credit subjects that you can challenge, and if you pass the test then you gain college direct credit without having to attend classes. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Military Evaluation Transcript Program: This is a designed program for credit for experience, you have your military experience examined and credit is awarded based on what you have done. Your experiences are judged based on specific criteria, and your military experiences and training are compared to the Guide for Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. If your training matched up then you are given the credit for that experience. DANTES Distance Programs: There are three programs for choosing a distance-learning program. DANTES sponsors three catalog-based programs: Nationally Accredited Distance learning catalog, Catalog of External Educational Degrees, and DANTES Independent Study Catalog. Each of these three catalogs detail programs and course offerings that is available to members of the Military. Each of these courses is different, some are relatively easy to qualify for and participate in, and some programs are much more detailed.




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