Bulgarian Companies Assist the US Army with Supplies

This year has not been any different, and the US Army has received supplies from Bulgarian companies. Bulgaria, an ally to the US Army, has been of great support to the US Army, as the US Army are sure to put the assistance that has been received to good use.

The assistance from Bulgaria that was received included a total of over $650,000 in military supplies. This is a large asset to the US Army, as additional supplies are always needed in order to help support and defend or troops. The event for the award was held in Stara Zagora, a territory that lies within the country of Bulgaria.

Many American companies were in conjunction with the Bulgarian companies, as the overall goal of supplying the US Army with the supplies that they needed were met. The supplies included food, water, clothing, and hoisting devices, all of which are beneficial aides to the American military. There is a constant need for these items for the US Army, and there are typically many places that are receiving the donations that are needed to fulfill the needs that are requested. With over 500,000 troops that are currently deployed, there is not denying that there is a constant need that must be met for the soldiers while in the Army.

The Army does an outstanding job providing the supplies that are needed to complete a task, but it is always helpful, too, to receive additional supplies when needed.




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