Deployment Education Navy Programs

If you are serving in the United States Navy, or are thinking about enlisting in the Navy there are different programs that can help you with your education while you are on active duty. There is a series of programs that are designed to help you attend college classes while you are serving on active duty, sometimes even in an active combat area. These are the Navy Deployment Education Programs. It is a program and series of smaller educational plans that work together smoothly to support Navy personnel ashore, afloat, overseas, in the United States, or anywhere they may be stationed or deployed. There are a number of institutions that participate in the program, and they support and offer courses that active duty Navy personnel can sign up to take. The institutions work with the Navy Education Coursework command to identify and approve Navy senior enlisted personnel to act as instructors, at the unit level. These instructors are then utilized to teach course material and coursework in college level studies, at the unit level, wherever the Navy unit is deployed. The sailors and Airmen of the Navy who are enrolled in this program study independently, and work on their course homework material on their own time. The mission or unit commanders attempt to schedule times that unified course instruction can occur, which is worked around the mission at hand, and scheduled when it will not detract or interfere with the military mission. The sailors and airmen then attend “classes” based at the unit level, scheduled around the unit deployment and unit mission. Tuition and fees for these types of classes are the same as if Sailors and Airmen were attending classes out in the regular academic world. The only difference is that the instructors are Navy personnel who are approved to act as instructors, and the classes have to be flexible to accommodate the needs of the military mission at hand. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! As more universities and sponsoring academic colleges sign on, the program that the Navy endorses becomes more and more flexible and adaptive. During periods of low mission priorities it is possible to double up and sometimes hold a double class session, to help make up for those times when class was delayed due to service mission commitments. There is also flexibility that allows the Navy instructors to make up classes or increase the class schedule to compensate for those times of high operational military tempo that prevented class from being held.




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