Military Jump School Educational Training

It used to be that each branch of the service had their own school for each training or educational issue. As the military prepared to move into the new century in the 1990s, there was a concerted effort to combine efforts and share different vocational and special training schools, to eliminate duplicated effort, and to allow for the standardization of education and training across the entire United States Military service. One of the schools that were combined in the late 1990s was military jump school. There used to be no less than three different military jump schools, and all basically taught the same material albeit with a little different approach and some slight variations of material. The U.S. Military Jump School was consolidated under the Army, and the 507th Infantry, 1st Airborne Battalion, assumed command leadership. The United States Army Jump School is the premier place to learn and be certified as “Jump Qualified.” The United States Military Paratrooper, whether the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, or even one of the department of defense or other federal agencies all face the same training now. This allows for not only standardization of equipment and methods, but also the knowledge that personnel among the different services each has the same training and the same knowledge having experienced the same course and field of study. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Even the Navy Seals and Special Forces Units train at the Army Jump School, and they learn the basics from the Army certified instruction. Delivery of personnel by parachute offers flexibility and the ability to send troops in silently, even sometimes under the cover of darkness. A variety of billets and jobs are required to attend jump school, special boat crews, forward operating air traffic controllers, aircrew members, corpsmen and medics, combat controllers, paramedics, Combat Infantrymen, the list of jobs and specialties that need basic parachute certification is a lengthy one. Anyone who attends Army Jump School should not be faint of heart. It is characterized by a standard 21-day intensive course of training with intensive fitness and physical training. It is broken into three parts, Tower Week, Ground Week, and the final week, called Jump Week. It is during jump week when personnel actually jump out of live aircraft using real parachutes. If they have listened and followed procedures during ground week and tower week, then the final phase of Jump week will go smoothly, safely and successfully.




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