Tips For Education After Separation

As you begin to transition from active duty military to your education career there are a number of issues that you should keep in mind. Its best to make a list so that you will not make any missteps, there are a number of things that you should be on the lookout for as you go through the process. You should begin to make things ready about a year before you leave active duty so that as the date draws closer you will be ready. The actual timeline that you will operate under will be different and should be a little individual as the timeline of each school tends to vary a little bit. If you are a little flexible then you will be ready for anything. Things for you to remember include: Application- You need to begin to identify and apply to schools about six months or a year before you end your active duty career. That way you can have a priority list, first second and third choices. Schools fill up so don’t wait too long, apply early in the period you wish to enroll in. Make your first set of contacts by telephone, and then in writing or in person, or ideally both. Make sure you take the time to seek out and visit with the veterans coordinator at the schools you seek acceptance at, they often can give you valuable hints and tips to use in your admission hunt. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Deadlines: Make a list of the deadlines that you will be operating under, and know that among the written deadlines they tend to be the ones with less flexibility. Figure out the deadlines for application and for class registration, and then set goals in advance of each, small achievable weekly and monthly goals of things to accomplish. Obtain a coy of Veteran’s form 22-1990, this is the form you will use to apply for Montgomery GI bill funds. Make sure that if you apply over the Internet that you print out a hardcopy for your own records. Either way make sure that a copy of the form reaches the regional VA office on your behalf. Transcripts: You should make sure you have a copy of all your transcripts, including your High school transcripts, and transcripts from any of your earlier college coursework. You should print out and keep handy a copy of your DD-214, which is your discharge paperwork, for you will use it often after you separate and begin your college career.




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