US Military Travels to Liberia to Groom Forces

In recent transactions in the US military, there are forces that have moved into Liberia to help the Liberian military become properly groomed. This move comes as new tactic for the US military, as they are traveling to the area with the hopes that there will be new training for the Armed Forces of Liberia. This is a move that has been coming for quite some time, and there are now talks of confirmation of such actions.

A spokesperson for the US military made claim on Monday, October 29, 2007, that the US military is there to help the platoons of the Armed Forces so that they can become a stronger military regime. Another reason given for the US military deployment was so that the aide that was given could be used to help the military become a better ally with the US military forces. These is beneficial for the current war in Iraq, as well as bring up the morale of both the US and the Liberian troops, as they will know that they can seek the assistance that they have from one another.

This transaction, which occurred late last week, was kept under wraps by the US military until there was confirmation that there were troops in the area that would be of assistance. President Bush has applauded the efforts that the Liberian government has given thus far, stating that he was happy to provide the assistance of US troops to the Liberian Armed Forces.




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