Army Food Service Operations Specialist

The Army prepares meals every day for over one million separate meals. As a member of the Army Food Service team you will be responsible to prepare and serve many different kinds of food, from standard food preparation to special needs. As a Food Service Operations specialist you will deal with inspecting and ordering food, food supplies and cooking and preparing meals and meats. As a Food Service specialist you will work to prepare garrison food and food in the field for Army personnel. You will work as a member of a team using specific cooking methods, storing and receiving subsistence items, food preparation and food storage methods. Working in the Army as a Food Service specialist you will work to perform general housekeeping duties, setting up food items, setting up and serving in food service lines, and using the latest modern protection methods to keep food safe. You will operate and maintain kitchen field equipment, and prepare and serve food and subsistence items. You will work on receiving, preparing and cooking fish, fruit, vegetables, and meat to make healthy and nutritious meals for Army personnel both in the field and on base. You will work to perform prep work as a line cook, and to prepare food for feeding troops in the field. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. As an Army Food Service Operations specialist you will cook and prepare chops, roasts, steaks and various cuts of meat. You will work with stoves, ovens and flame type cooking equipment, and also work to cook in the field using a variety of methods. You will learn to prepare mutton, beef, poultry, and fish, and how to make both basic and advanced recipes. Education in how to prepare sauces, gravies and different course for small groups, as well as feeding several hundred people at a time. Training as a Food service Operations specialist involves Basic Combat Training for nine weeks, learning how to be an enlisted member of the Army. After basic training, you will advance to eight weeks of Individual Advanced training, learning in food preparation, and menu preparation. Instruction for dietetic menus and special needs will accompany both generic and specialized food instruction. You will learn about different types of perishable and staple foods, as well as supply and food ordering. You will deal with bakery items and desserts, and learn how to bake and prepare baked goods from scratch.




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