Artillery Cannon Army Crewmember

The member of the Field artillery team that works on the larger cannons is the Artillery Cannon Crewmember. As a member of the Artillery you will be responsible for working on the cannons that are also known as howitzers, an artillery heavy-duty cannon piece with a single shot barrel capability. A Cannon crewmember is a member of the tank and infantry unit during wartime but they also have peacetime duties and responsibilities. Some of the duties of a cannon crewmember include: operating ammunition trucks, other vehicles, and self propelled howitzer cannons, identify and relate location of enemy targets, maintain and relay radio communications, and other tank and artillery crewmember duties. To serve in the Army as a member of the field artillery you should be in excellent physical condition, as members of the Field Artillery constantly have to lift and move heavy items without rest. Being in top mental and physical shape is a definite plus, and you have to have normal color vision with no color blindness as the charts, coding and maps are all color coordinated. Job training for a crewmember cannon Field artillery member starts with basic combat training, for 11 weeks. Then you advance to 14 weeks of individual advanced training. Part of this is in the field and part of the time is in the classroom. You will learn and be taught skills involving handling ammunition, operating missile rocket and gun systems, using battle strategy and employing different artillery tactics, and how to manually and electronically calculate targets. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Serving in the Field artillery as a Cannon Crewmember involves a lot of tension, if you are a person who can remain calm during stressful situations, and can face challenges, if you are in excellent mental and physical shape, and enjoy working as part of a team then this may be the job specialty designed for you. Advanced level cannon crewmembers supervise and train junior cannon crewmembers, and are responsible for training, cannon operations and maintenance. Senior Enlisted Cannon Crewmembers are also responsible for vehicle positioning and support vehicle maintenance. While there are no direct specialties in civilian life, serving and training as a Army Cannon Crewmember will teach you discipline, how to operate as part of an efficient team, and how to be a leader, all qualities that are highly sought by the private sector and civilian business world.




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