Navy Enlisted Machinist Specialist

Working in the Industrial Arts is a career all its own, if you have any experience in dealing with metal fabrication or metalwork then serving in the Navy as a Enlisted Machinist may be the job title for you. It is a simple fact of life that engines and complex machines sometimes break down, and when they do broken parts and pieces have to be repaired. Sometimes new ones have to be fashioned or even fabricated, and it is the job of the machinist to take care of this. The Navy machinist is responsible for performing repair, fabrication, modification and supervising these activities on non-metallic and metallic parts. They use drill presses, grinders, lathes, and other types of machine shop tools and equipment. Some of the duties that you may have as a Naval machinist may include: measuring work with micrometers, rulers and calipers, repairing various shipping parts and automotive equipment, soldering, welding or brazing broken parts together, cutting various metal stock using band saws and hacksaws, and setting up and using metal lathes to make gears and shafts and other equipment. Other skills that you may use as a Navy machinist includes studying written plans and blueprints of equipment to be made or constructed, smoothing and shaping parts using grinders, and boring different size holes using drill presses. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will start out as a new recruit with attending basic training for nine weeks in the great lakes area, where you will learn how to be a Navy enlisted person. Following basic training you will advance to Class A technical school, where you will learn about how to use machine tools, and to work with metal. You will receive individual advanced training, part of which will be in the field and part of it will be in the classroom. Some of the finished skills that you will learn include safety procedures, use and applications of different metals, operation and step-up of machine and machinery tools, and the usage and types of machine tools. If you have a history or experience dealing with the industrial arts, metal work or mechanical drawing, and if you enjoy working with your hands and have general success in science, math and practical sciences, then the position of Navy Machinist may be a good fit for you. This specialty requires finding solutions to mechanical problems and being patient to find solutions during difficult situations.




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