Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has cast a new importance on the job of Explosive Ordnance disposal. With so much of the fight being against terrorists and insurgents, often armed with IED and roadside bombs, there has never been a conflict where the job of Explosive Disposal has been more important. The storage and handling of explosives, along with the storage and handling of ammunition is a very key issue, and must be carried out with extreme care and professionalism. Weapons of different types, ammunitions and explosives are all referred to as ordnance, and in the Army proper care is needed when dealing with these types of materials.

The Explosive Ordnance disposal specialist and disposal ordnance teams are responsible for making safe, rendering harmless, and identification of conventional munitions, improvised explosives, chemical munitions, explosive hazardous weapons of all types, even nuclear weaponry come under the Army Explosive Ordnance disposal teams.

As an Army Explosive ordnance disposal specialist you will be tasked with disposing, locating and identifying of domestic and foreign explosive devices of all different types. Some of the things that a Ordnance and explosives specialist will have to deal with include: identifying and researching different explosive ordnance using technical explosive publications, defusing unexploded ordnance, locating and gaining access to buried ordnance, locating and detecting the presence of chemical agents, disposing, identifying and locating chemical munitions, and trying to mitigate the hazards of WMD devices.

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Job training to become Ordnance explosive disposal specialist starts out with nine weeks of Combat basic training, where you learn basically how to be an Army Soldier. After Basic training you will attend approx 38 weeks of Individual advanced training where you will deal with simulated combat training with dummy and live ordnance and also training in the classroom. Helpful attributes for a person interested in working in explosive ordnance disposal includes a ability to communicate well, a demonstrated ability to organize and plan, and a ability to work well under stressful situations. Demonstrated ability to use higher-level mathematics is also desired.

Advanced enlisted ordnance explosive disposal specialists are involved in training and supervising other soldiers within the explosive ordnance discipline, and you will help conduct formal training. You will be involved in preparing technical incident and technical reports, and radiological monitoring, and working with other network government agencies.




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I am a police officer here in my Country Philippines and now im undergoing BASIC EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL COURSE. I am very much interested to become an EOD especialized and joint and be a part of the people who were combating terrorism all over the world.
In this connection I would like to request a training pharaparnalias especially the things that were highly needed in my training.
Im waiting for your responce and help by securing all this things and provide it in my studies so that we were capable in rendering the bomb situation incident.

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Good Evening sir,

Since Terrorism is the most common problem all over the word and me as a newly member and a part of the team who will combat any hostile activity of the terrorist organized group, I am soliciting you an equipment to be used by our unit the EOD team of Cagayan de oro City since this is one of the target of this group to launched a terroristic activities. Anticipating your immediate responce if you will grant my request so that our team will be capable enought to face the obstacles that might happened in our place. With your kind heart im very much anticipating your full support and lets work together to obtained the real peace and safety of our people.

Respectfully yours;
Noel G Oclarit

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