Military Coast Guard Academy Education

One of the best programs but one that is lesser known among the Armed Forces service academies is the United States Coast Guard Academy. It is located in New London CT, and trains in a four-year program officers for the Coast Guard. It offers a 4-year military science education program, with a tradition of military marine science but because it is smaller it gives a more personalized approach. The Coast Guard Academy gives an overall life experience offering physical fitness, leadership, character and academics. It also stresses leadership in the process of offering courses of the highest quality.

The Coast Guard Academy is the smallest of the five service academies, and it stresses a program very similar to the others in teaching an honor-based curriculum. The Academy features a very attractive student-teacher ratio, and an attractive campus located on the waterfront, which gives a very traditional feel for small college style campus. The candidates who attend the Coast Guard academy work in science related curriculum to prepare for Coast Guard military careers.

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The program of study for Coast Guard Cadets is more intense than a non military program, but it prepares its graduates for the future, as well as many of them that processes into graduate level studies. The Coast Guard Academy is a military learning academy dedicated to turning out leaders for a maritime multi mission force. The Academy awards 4 year Bachelor of Science degrees and those that attend are under a full scholarship program similar to the other military academies.

About 200 ensigns are graduated each year and are commissioned in a ceremony each May. When a USCG Academy graduate is commissioned they are then assigned for duty at any of the U.S. Coast Guard stations or vessels around the country. After graduation commissioned Ensigns in the Coast Guard are obligated to give their country five years of active duty service. After the five-year period is up then the officer has the option of staying in the coast guard or resigning.

The Coast Guard Academy is Co Educational; it graduates young men and women for service to the Coast Guard each year. Because it is the smallest service, and the smallest Service Academy the ratio of instructors and students is very attractive, and some of the most personalized instruction is available to Coast Guard Academy students.




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I would like to learn more about your school I’m interested in it.

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Will you please e-mail me a list of the course offerings at the Academy. I assume that graduating cadets have been trained with specific professional skills to operate in the Coast Guard in addition to the general military training they would receive during their four years at the academy. Your student enrollment is obviously small compared to other branches of the Service. What special requirements need to be met by a graduating High School student to be considered for admission to the Academy?

Carleigh Kennedy

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I would like to learn more about the academy.

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