Military Education Tuition Top Up Program

The military has a number of programs for those who want to finance their education using military benefits. One of the benefits is the Tuition Top up program. Its is a method of maximizing the Montgomery GI Bill benefits so that when you are separated from the service you have the maximum amount of money possible for your education. The Tuition top up program is one that allows participants to supplement the fees and tuition that is not normally covered by tuition assistance. The benefit amount is normally about equal to the actual amount of the course and what is generally paid out by the military for such a course. You have to be eligible for federal military tuition assistance to be able to utilize the top up program. Normally if you are eligible for MGIB AD benefits then you will qualify. You have to be on active duty, and have served at least a full two years on active duty when you apply for this program. The benefit amount is generally limited to full MGIB benefit amounts if the military were actually paying for the full course tuition costs. In any case the total amount that you qualify for can’t exceed the full price of the course. Your eventual MGIB benefits may be reduced slightly if you utilize the top up program. You can figure out the full top up benefits that you may qualify for by dividing the benefits by the full time monthly rate of the claimant. All courses that are began after October 2000 is potentially eligible for the Military Top Up program. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. A signed copy of the assistance tuition authorization course form has to be included and also a copy that is signed by an authorized military official in your chain of command. The top up program is not currently authorized for members of the selected reserve, but there are elements of the Reserve MGIB that help those reservists that do not qualify for the Top up program. The Top up tuition program is another method of accessing military educational funds. You should always check into any and all financial aid funding available to you if you are seeking to attend school, both military funding and civilian funding. There are often little known grants and loan programs that may benefit you.




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